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Exodus, Easter - He Came to Bring Peace - Sabrina Wiens

April 5, 2018
Just before giving his life on the cross, Jesus explained to his disciples what the cross and resurrection would mean for them and for all of creation. He took the bread and the wine of the Passover – this 1,500-year old tradition that was used to remember and celebrate God protecting Israel through the blood of a lamb painted over their door posts that caused the Angel of Death to pass over their homes, allowing their firstborn to live, while so many others’ died and he gave it new meaning.
This was an old, old tradition and one that every little Jewish boy and girl learned and what Jesus was saying here would have sounded crazy to the disciples. “Um, Jesus, what do you mean, this bread is your body and this cup is your blood? Don’t you know what Passover is about? It’s not about you and your body. It’s about what God did in Egypt.”
But here Jesus is taking it and changing it – making it about himself and the new covenant of what he – the Holy One of Israel – the Messiah – The Lamb of God – is doing for them. Jesus is redefining what salvation for his people looks like. He’s saying, “We used to have a physical oppressor, in Egypt, that God delivered us from – but I’m doing something even more significant – through my suffering, I’m coming to bring freedom for all of humanity. This is the cup of the new covenant that my broken body and poured out blood will bring to you."
Let's be encouraged to know that our God is alive and that in him and through him we have been redeemed and can come freely to the God who created us, knows us, and loves us.
Preached on April 1, 2018

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