Scott Street MB Church Podcast

Exodus - Water in the Dessert;God will Provide - Tim Goertzen

April 27, 2018
We are wandering in the desert right now. We are given a choice to trust in God, to follow after him, who no longer appears to us as a cloud, but as a man whose life we can know through The Bible, Jesus Christ. His life and his death, his resurrection and his ministry, are the culmination of God’s work in the world. He did not choose to destroy it, he did not forget about it. He sustains it and he works against the sinfulness of mankind to bring us and all creation back through redemption. That work was realized in Christ!
Church, the challenge is as always to put God back to the first priority in our lives. Let's not let what we need and what we want physically get in the way of our spiritual health. God will provide for us what we need. So, let's put our energy and our emphasis into learning and doing the will of God, for our own sake and for those around us.
Preached on April,22, 2018 at Scott Street Church

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