Scott Street MB Church Podcast

Exodus - You Will Know I Am the Lord - Sabrina Wiens

March 29, 2018

In this mesage, pastor Sabrina Wiens recounts the spiritual battle God fought through two ordinary servants, Moses and Aaron, noting that even in their old age they were used in powerful ways to show God’s power over all the gods of the Egyptians:  

“It’s important for us to remember that our battle isn’t against flesh and blood. It wasn’t between flesh and blood back then, and it isn’t against flesh and blood for us today. When we see evil and injustice going on in our world – things that clearly go against God’s will – whether that’s governments, corporations, systems, or social movements – we need to remember that the battle isn’t against flesh and blood – against people, it’s against Satan and his hold.

We are kingdom people and our lives and our fight is all for the purpose of bringing God’s reign more fully into this world and that’s a spiritual battle we fight as we live out God’s call to be salt and light in this world.”

Our God wants to be known by his people and all of creation, but Pharaoh could not humble himself to acknowledge the God who sustains the whole earth. Sabrina concludes her message with an invitation to respond to God’s greatness and give him the praise he’s due. “Let’s not make the earth and rocks cry out, but lift our voices as we work towards knowing this God who breaks the chains of bondage and brings us freedom.”

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