Scott Street MB Church Podcast

Life Lessons From Ordinary Lives - King Jossiah - Sabrina Wiens

July 6, 2018
"We often think of the people we read about in the Bible as extra special or extraordinary because some of them did some pretty amazing things. But the thing is that they were actually just ordinary boys and girls and men and women like us, living their ordinary lives for God. Josiah was only eight years old when he became king, and even though he had a really, really bad father and a really, really bad grandfather who were kings before him, the Bible tells us that King Josiah became a really, really good king! These two previous kings before Josiah, King Manasseh and his son King Amon, brought idols to the people and had them start worshipping them. Furthermore, instead of taking care of the temple where they would worship their true God, they let it go to ruin and they even lost the Book of the Law –The Bible-
It takes a village to raise a child, and even though King Josiah was only eight years old, he had a small village of people who helped him learn about God and how to be a good king. Josiah loved his people and lead them back to God. Josiah's mom, Jedidah, was especially important to him as well a priest named Hilkiah.
It does not matter how old or young we are –whether we’re 80 years old or 8 years old. If we follow God then God wants to use us to make things right in the world. God wants to use each one of us.
We each have the opportunity to help be a positive influence in the lives of those around us. Let’s make sure that the way we live our lives and the way we interact with those around us has a positive impact on them rather than a negative one. Let’s truly love God with every part of who we are and live our lives in a way that reflects that love for him and for others.
Preached on July 1st, 2018 at Scott Street Church

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