Scott Street MB Church Podcast

Life Lessons From Ordinary Lives - Samuel - Kelly Dahl

August 16, 2018

Something that I’ve learned about God, is that He loves using the least likely person for His work... because it gives God all the glory! If God only ever used the bravest, smartest, most obvious leaders, then people would look at them and say: “Oh, of course you did a good job; you’re super brave!” or “It’s because you’re really smart.” But when people see someone so young, or someone really scared do amazing things, it makes them stop and think: "How did that just happen?" It is only because God is working through us that we get to be a part of such incredible stories! It’s an honour and a privilege for us to work alongside God, and I think it’s rather humbling as well.

Preached on Sunday August 12, 2018 at Scott Street Church

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